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Bitswits has been supporting the business development of its customers by creating and developing best-in-class solutions for the telecom sector. We gained our project experience cooperating with international leaders in this industry.

Business Automation Suite


Telecom service provider owns or controls all the activities necessary to sell and deliver services to an end user. VoIP business is complex with hundreds of service providers and clients. Dealing with high traffic volumes and making decisions based on a constant flood of traffic requires a comprehensive, robust and automated system; BitsAuto is a versatile solution meeting the needs of telecom service providers.

Business Intelligence Solution


We Don’t Simply Show Data, We Tell You A Story With It!

We understand that the visibility of activities across the telecom environment is a crucial component of effective telecom management. Turning this visibility into actionable reports and information that an organization can use to make critical business decisions is of significant importance; our solution BitsWise is designed and developed to do so.

Live Data Monitoring


Deep Dive into Business Performance with monitoring of complex activities across the company. BITSEYE’s 360° visibility enables firms to see continuous data in a near real-time manner while assisting in measuring overhead performance. The solution creates a data-driven culture by aiding organizations to work smarter and lead the way forward by getting value out of data.
It is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization to make informed decisions quickly.

Real-Time Lawful Interception


BitsIRIS is an ultra-modern lawful interception mediation solution that helps telecommunication service providers to offer real-time interception of communications. BitsIRIS’ cutting-edge technology captures, analyzes, processes, and stores entire communication data for Law Enforcement Agencies. Tracks unlawful activities by identifying fraudulent calls based on system-generated information. Strong security provisions prevent unauthorized access, secure every user’s data and facilitate security audits by comprehensive logging.

Easy-To-Use Li Solution

BitsIRIS Lite

Many countries around the world require lawful interception of telephonic communications for national security purposes. Communication data is apprehended by the lawful interception system and distributed amid Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) where it can be processed. BitsIRIS Lite is designed for telco service providers and LEAs to seamlessly carry out interception of private communications.

Efficient Client Management System


BitsVOS is a highly secure, robust and customer centric VOIP billing solution designed for client and vendor management with data analysis and role based access. It is an easy-to-use client management system that allows users to analyze real-time stats of connected calls.

Automated Invoice Management


BitsInvoice enables to view and generate invoices automatically for various clients located on multiple SBCs from a single central platform.

Vendor Rate Management


BitsLCR (Least Cost Routing) is a well established process to find the least expensive supplier to direct outbound traffic depending on the best rates. For example, if you are looking for route for China, it will analyse the rates offered by suppliers, and choose the suppliers ordered by lowest cost first for specific code/destination.

Instant Rate Accomodation


BitsTariff enables the user to instantly make changes in the clients current rate or block / unblock selected destination within one interface.