Live Data Monitoring



Deep Dive into Business Performance with monitoring of complex activities across the company. BITSEYE’s 360° visibility enables firms to see continuous data in a near real-time manner while assisting in measuring overhead performance. The solution creates a data-driven culture by aiding organizations to work smarter and lead the way forward by getting value out of data.

It is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization to make informed decisions quickly.


call traffic trends

Shows call traffic trends to identify peak hours and traffic patterns ensuring that the desired quality of service is achieved and maintained.

Call Detail Records

BitsXtreme processes huge amount of Call Detail Records from the database and makes it readily available for deriving interactive visualizations.

trends or patterns

Looks across traffic taking into account the current and past data that aids in displaying trends or patterns on an interactive grap

TROUBLEshoot call failures

Troubleshoot call failures by providing insight of the overall traffic performance in a graphical and tabular presentation

monitors & analyze

Proactively monitors and analyze the quality of telecom business and resolve service problems before they result in customer complaints

incoming and outgoing call

Monitors incoming and outgoing call traffic based on various KPIs by analyzing call detail records (CDRs)

Customer experience

Improve service quality and customer experience levels with efficient call handling capabilitie

filter & display

Search, filter and display near real time traffic that aid in troubleshooting


Enables to view graphical display of packets that are exchanged from call initiation to call end.

pinpoint performance

Empowers the user to quickly pinpoint performance degradation and provides tools needed to evaluate, address and remediate these issues to maintain quality of service and to boost productivity.


Monitors and alerts on the most important parameters like active calls, minutes, QoS (ACD, ASR, PDD, and NER), profitability (revenue, cost, profit) and much more


Monitors service providers call traffic to give an instant and accurate overview of their network performance and increases their visibility into process status

compare & drill down network

Allows to compare and drill down network traffic by fetching hourly, daily, weekly or month wise data

drill into deeper levels

Enables to drill into deeper levels (customers, trunks, vendors and destination) to view the next level in combination such as customers destination vendors

Traffic trends

Traffic trends in BitsEye are derived from BitsXtreme by fetching and processing high volume of calls from the big data/database.