Real-Time Lawful Interception



BitsIRIS is an ultra-modern lawful interception mediation solution that helps telecommunication service providers to offer real-time interception of communications. BitsIRIS’ cutting-edge technology captures, analyzes, processes, and stores entire communication data for Law Enforcement Agencies. Tracks unlawful activities by identifying fraudulent calls based on system-generated information. Strong security provisions prevent unauthorized access, secure every user’s data and facilitate security audits by comprehensive logging.

Key Features

Multiple Servers

In BitsIRIS multiple servers can be stacked to increase call capturing capacity to 10’s of thousands of calls

Record Voice

Automatically record voice traffic for all calls or filtered calls, continuous unlimited recording, limited only by hard disk or network storage space capture/playback audio – listen and record audio streams

Supported Protocols

Supported protocols include – SIP, SIGTRAN, ED137, RTP, MEGACO, MGCP, Skinny (SCCP), LTE, IMS, Diameter, UMTS, GSM, CAP, MAP, INAP, SS7, ISDN, PPP, and CAS.

Monitoring Operation

Monitor daily operations through call statistics, usage of trunks on a daily or weekly basis
and also provide insight into overall performance.


Real-time call filtering – search for “calls of interest” while live capturing continues.
Filter calls based on called number, calling number, or type of call.

Calls Pattern

analyze and identify customer calling patterns

More About BitsIRIS

But now the advent of computing, broadband networks, and mobile communications complicated law enforcement’s efforts for lawfully monitoring and collecting communications.  A new method, called “lawful interception,” was developed. Interception and Retention Integrated System (IRIS) leveraged telecom system-level architectures.  Most vendor IRIS solutions were hard coded platforms designed to monitor and record criminal communications by targeting a phone number or a specific computing IP address.  By law, these systems are placed within communication service provider (CSP) networks and are made available to an LEA once a judge determines that there is sufficient evidence to monitor and collect the communications.

BitsIRIS leverages a software-based solution architecture which uses commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS-based servers that

provide a more cost effective, rapid deployment by streamlining operations and making it easier to update according to changing network and market requirements is the next generation approach to IRIS. Lawful Cyber Intelligence moves beyond disparately monitoring phone numbers or IP addresses by collecting a broader set of 21st century social media, communication, and network activities to build more comprehensive, multi-dimensional suspect profiles in real-time.

Our converged monitoring and analysis functionality can be used independently or across BitsIRIS software suite of interception, data retention. This new Cyber Intelligence approach is inherently designed to:
• Flexibly monitor and collect traditional and social media communications and other data from a host of different networks.
• Quickly converge and correlate exponentially greater amounts of relevant data.
• Leverage a host of new data analysis applications to provide LEAs with better and more timely intelligence.