Business Intelligence Solution



BitsWise Don’t Simply Show Data, It Tell You A Story!. We understand that the visibility of activities across the telecom environment is a crucial component of effective telecom management. Turning this visibility into actionable reports and information that an organization can use to make critical business decisions is of significant importance of our solution BitsWise is designed and developed to do so. Huge amount of data is handled and processed with BIG DATA approach. BitsWise enables the telecom service providers to create charts and reports of this data in a swift and easy manner. These reports and charts can be of any period in the past.


Analytical solution

Bitswise is Analytical solution which intuitively allows anyone in telecom enterprise to easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards in order to explore vast amount of data .

Visualize results

From Bitswise you can Visualize results of the analysis in the manner best suited to the needs of data consumers. Results of the analysis can be presented using built-in web dashboards, graphs of various types and customizable tables

customer experience

Telecom companies can improve customer experience proactively addressing a potential customer experience issue before the customer contacts one of the other touch points to complain

whole story

Empower people within an organization to see the whole story that lies within their data.


Enable strategic decision making by extracting crucial information from a vast amount of data.

flexible and interactive

Visualizations are flexible and interactive leading to make meaningful decisions.

Customizied dashboard

Design custom dashboard feature allows the users to create their own dashboard without writing scripts or complex SQL queries.

dynamic filters

Custom and dynamic filters allow the user to fetch reports of any past call record in an accurate and swift manner.

Call Detail Records

BitsXtreme processes huge amount of Call Detail Records from the database and makes it readily available for deriving interactive visualizations.


Provide actionable insight across the call traffic data .


Assure data security through Role Based Access Control

predicts business

Assist in data understanding and predicts business based on past trends.

Slice & Dice

Bitswits, Slice & dice the data to yield more information and allows service providers to dive back into source analysis at any point and enables them to drill down the stats to inspect more

dynamically data fields

Allow the user to dynamically select data fields and perform several aggregations/calculations on the basis of different metrics available in the dat


Generate interactive reports help users convert data into knowledge. This allows the users to understand and analyze the report which in turn supports better decision-making.