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We are the leading provider of innovative solution for telecom service provider that are developed to substantially streamline their business operations.

Cost-EffectIve RelIable SolutIon.

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Efficient Client Management System


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Easy-To-Use Li Solution

BitsIRIS Lite

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Business Automation Suite


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Business Intelligence Solution


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Live Data Monitoring


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Vendor Rate Management


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Real Time Lawful Interception


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Bitswits is a leading provider of innovative solutions for telecom service providers solutions that are developed to substantially streamline the operations of telecom companies. We comprehend the challenges that may lie ahead of them thus our solutions are comprehensive and facilitates telecom service providers around the world by automating their businesses, tremendously streamlining their operations, lowering their operating cost and managing all aspects of their business efficiently. We give the power to work with state-of-the-art technologies that are in best fit for telecom business.


We started with a vision to automate the telecom service providers’ business. Today we are recognized for our comprehensive, reliable and flexible solutions which are easy to use and provide seamless experience to our valued clients.



BITSWITS has more than 20 years of experience in offering solutions based on client requirements and business objectives. Bitswits teams of professionals collectively have wealth of expertise in the provision of state of the art telecom solutions.


We provide customizable and adaptable solutions to the clients as per their needs. Our solutions manage all crucial processes of telecom business taking it to an unprecedented level of automation.


Customer service is where we are really distinguished as it is a key driver for our business. We listen and connect with customers to provide the best solution to meet their needs. From global leaders to fast-growing startups rely on BITSWITS as we aim to provide reliable solutions that reduce operational cost and enhance their business success.


Being forward thinkers we believe that the application of experience, creativity and cutting-edge technology can improve telecom business to a greater extent. Our expertise and proven methodologies help customers reach new markets and connect with potential customers worldwide.

Customer THINKING About Us

Why to choose BITSWITS?

Distinctive Advantage

With our proficient ICT experience, we have emerged as a competitive telecom solution provider in the marketplace. Our success is backed by long-term knowledge of the telecom industry and focus on clients’ business needs.


Quality is placed at the heart of our business. We develop our solutions using cutting-edge tools, technologies, and platforms. Our processes are designed in a way that guarantees the best quality solutions.

After-Sales Support

Delivering the product does not end our value chain. We have a highly responsive quality assurance team that resolve customer queries in no time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what matters to us the most. We strive hard to meet our customer expectations by ensuring robust product design, high performance, and reliability.

Skilled Personnel

Bitswits technical and business professionals are committed towards innovative ideas, deep expertise, and the earnest will to succeed.

Precise Delivery

We never compromise on supplying the complete set of products and services as we pledged. We Deliver What We Promise.
Key Feature

GIVES Customer a Way to help them


  • Cover all major aspects of Telecom Business.
  • Consolidates various service providers operation into an integrated solution.
  • Copes the wide range of challenges faced by Telecom Industry.
  • Contributes to overall stability and security of the business.
  • Enables to prepare a balanced business strategy.


  • Manages any volume of traffic.
  • Provides insights of the near real time traffic.
  • generates customized traffic reports.
  • supports decision making.
  • streamlines processes.
  • automates complex operations.
  • drive accurate result.

User FrIendly

  • Platform indepent solution.
  • mobile responsive.
  • step by step approach for complex processes.
  • client side validation in input fields.
  • graphical and intuitive interface.
  • flexiable and interavtive table, graphs and trends.
  • slice and dice data approach.


  • Auto reponds vendor upon ratesheet receival
  • generates client and vendor invoices ad per thier billing cycle.
  • auto updates clients and vendor rates when new rates are received
  • updates LCR as per the current rate.
  • generates clients authentication rules, routing groups vendor connection and vendor desinatiom sets.

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